Why wedding planners are not a luxury

Hey everyone.

I began writing this blog deleting, re writing, deleting and so on. When I read it back I realised that it didn’t sound like me at all. So I deleted it all and started again.

I am a straight forward person and that is my approach to most things.

People seem to think that wedding planners are for the rich and famous, but that is not true. Yes I grant you that it will be an extra cost but if you could buy time then wedding planners would be free.

There are so many advantages, here is an idea of how I work

1. Where ever possible I will negotiate and ensure you are paying the right price for the venue.

2. I work completely independent and personally choose my suppliers on their talent and quality of service. Therefore saving you bundles of time.  The agreement is still made between you and the supplier directly.

3. Take away the stress and allow you to enjoy your special day.

4. I listen to what YOU want from the day and together we will acheive it.

5. I will help you keep within budget.

Simply put, a wedding planner makes your life easier, does that sound like a luxury?



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