Simple ways to reduce the cost of your wedding.

10 Easy ways to keep your wedding costs down




1. Prioritise

baylymoore-wedding-21 photographer

Decide on what are the most important things to you,  photographer, venue, entertainment, food, decorations.  Book those items early and allocate the money so you can then tailor the remainder of your budget.


2. Brides Dress


Buy a dress that has only been worn once, you can save over 60% of the original dress cost. Or if you want a brand new dress try a sample wedding dress.


3. Groom & Groomsmen outfits


Hire the Groom & Groomsmen’s suits. Some companies even offer a home service especially for those guys who really don’t like shopping. Please also be aware that they may also be able to provide shirts, ties,cravats etc.


4. Venue


Avoid Saturdays, this is the most popular and therefore most expensive day to hire a venue. Why not try a Friday or even a week day. You will be surprised how much cheaper it can be.  If you give your family and friends plenty of notice it won’t be an issue.  Or you may prefer to choose a less expensive venue like a restaurant.


5. Flowers

textured-brides-handtied-bouquet-wedding-flowers-sheffield       cost-of-flowers-for-wedding2

Choose flowers that are in season. For example roses, peonies and hydrangeas are all summer flowers. Limit the amount of flowers you choose.


6. Family & friends

  band   cake

Think about how your family & friends strengths, they would love to help and be part of your day. Maybe you have a friend that makes cakes or is in a band.


7. Stationary

brown paper, tying the knot wedding invitation (2) tammy-wedding-stationery

If your ordering invitation stick to only one colour like black.  Or you could always design your own invitations, table plans and thank you cards. Or buy ready made invitations.


8. Guests

wedding-guest-list      original_a3-wedding-table-sitting-plan

Keep your guest list to a minimum and ensure you stick to it. After all food and drink is the the biggest expense.


9. Borrow

wedding-necklaces-11-18-08     tiara

This also a way to keep the tradition. Consider borrowing wedding jewellery. For example  a necklace, hair accessories or tiara maybe from your Mum or a close friend. This is only one suggestion there are so many other things you could borrow.


10. Wedding Planner


Last but not least believe it or not a wedding planner will save you money.  As  we have contacts and will always ensure we have negotiated the best prices for the you.





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