Personal Wedding Planner

For so many of us, our wedding day is the day we’ve been looking forward to all our lives. After it’s over, it’s the day we remember for the rest of our lives. That means there’s a fair bit of pressure to make it the perfect day. A personal wedding planner is a major step towards achieving that goal.

Helen Adamou is a personal wedding planner and the driving force behind the aptly-named Aphrodite Weddings. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of beauty and love, which means Helen recognises that love is at the heart of every wedding, and that every wedding – come rain or shine – can be the most beautiful day of your life. Helen is a committed personal wedding planner who listens intently to her clients so she can fully understand the kind of wedding day they want. A personal wedding planner is no longer a luxury. By engaging with Aphrodite Weddings, clients can expect to receive a personal, friendly, professional and reliable service. Helen will work together with you to plan your wedding within your budget, involving you as much or as little as you wish. While her specialism is in organising your ‘big day’ as a personal wedding planner, Helen can also help put the icing on the cake by arranging your honeymoon for you as well.

Helen has over 15 years’ experience of organising bespoke and tailor-made events including weddings, holidays and honeymoons. Her work has involved making complex itineraries for high profile clients from the music and entertainment industry. If you are looking for a personal wedding planner to make your special day shine and sparkle like Aphrodite herself, call 020 8650 3764.


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