Did you know that your engagement rings says a lot about you???

Hi and Happy Tuesday to you all.
I cannot believe that we are already into our second week of December, where has this year gone?
We are fast approaching Christmas, New Year and shortly after Valentines. The most popular times of the year to propose and girls remember it’s a leap year next year.

So if you are thinking about popping the question and want to surprise your partner with the ring. Or even if you want to go out and choose the Engagement ring together.
Did you know that the shape of your Diamond engagement ring says a lot about your personality?

Have you started looking at rings and don’t even know where to start? Where you aware that there are even 10 shapes to choose from?

Here is a simple guide to what each shape means.




  1. ROUND  –   Classic, traditional, romantic and don’t really like change


Princess cut

2. PRINCESS – Fun, creative and modern thinker



3. EMERALD – Confident, risk taking with retro twist.



4. ASSCHER – Stylish trend setter who loves vintage


5. MARQUISE – Dramatic and like to be centre of attention



6. OVAL – Unique and value elegance



7. RADIANT  – Individual take on tradition and flirty



8. PEAR – Unconventional, live by their own rules but can be adaptable



9. HEART  -Sentimental and ldealist


10. CUSHION – Organised, fun loving and romantic



Of course you can choose to have more than one stone but this is down to personal taste.

Coming soon will be a continuation. Where I will help you understand the settings.

Be back soon



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